how to quit smoking now? bagaimana agar keluar dari rokok?

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Quit smoking now ? how to quit smoking now
Quit smoking now – how to quit smoking now
 Want to quit smoking now?
Want to know methods to quit smoking now?

Every one in this world wants to live health, fit and fine. Many of them know the risks related to smoking and costs of continuing to smoke. Smoking in reality is just a pernicious craving for tobacco products, especially cigarettes and cigars. Smoking is responsible for 22 percent of – male deaths and 11 percent of all female deaths around the world each year. Smoking related illness such as narrowed / hardened arteries, cold hands and feet, weakened bones, peripheral vascular disease, cold skin, osteoporoses and decreased fitness can be reduced by quitting smoking and by right methods on how to quit smoking now.

Quit nicotine in order to quit smoking, nicotine is an organic compound which is found in tobacco smoke, is very dangerous to your health. Nicotine is responsible for many health problems including cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, emphysema, several birth defects, impotence and lung cancer. As normal statement is used for quit smoking is that 1000 Americans are quitting smoking per day by dying. Make this statement false by choosing the right method on how to quit smoking now

The effective method for quit smoking now is nicotine replacement therapy.  Smoking can be quitted by using nicotine-containing tobacco substitutes. Nicotine replacement therapy make use of various other nicotine delivery methods such as nicotine patch, inhaler, nasal spray, chewing gum, gel, and lozenge in place of nicotine obtained from smoking. Nicotine patches are trans-dermal which are used to release nicotine into the skin. The nicotine patch therapy has been considerably successful in helping many people quit smoking for their good. The other alternative for quitting smoking is
hypnosis that can help people who really want to quit. Yoga and meditation can also be used for quit smoking.

If you really want to quit smoking now then try to develop a strong will power as it is said that – weak will power can make even the effective therapies useless.

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